The Rag

Bijaulia is a small village located on the banks of the river Ganga and is a habitat to inadequate living conditions like no power supply and poverty. Raima, who was planning to take a power nap after a hectic day was disturbed by a noise coming from outside her house. She rushed out and saw four people from the neighbouring villages. They were in a heavy verbal spat with the sarpanch of Bijaulia over a piece of land and were claiming that Bijaulia had illegally captured the common well. These were regular scenes at Bijaulia where people fought over disputed lands and other basic amenities. It would be difficult for any politician to mark Bijaulia on the map of India, leave alone visiting the place.

Raima, who was a rag picker, took her bag and started walking towards the nearest town where she could find rag and sell it later. While going through the regular rubbish, Raima came across a bundle of freshly printed paper. She knew it was more than just rag and kept it with her. She later showed it to her aunt who read the paper and told Raima that the government has started to train young kids in various fields  free of cost. The latter grabbed Raima’s attention. She filled the form and dropped it in the post box. She being the lone applicant from Bijaulia, was automatically called for the program. One thing led to another and soon Raima was waiting in front of a computer in cyber cafe for her administrative exams results.  To no one’s surprise, she had excelled in the exams.

Raima returned to Bijaulia with some government officials after a hectic day at work.  After signing the sanction papers for water pumps, she could now take a power nap.