Nobel Barapatre – Photographer


Beginning as a novice painter when he was just a child, Noble always had an inclination towards Art. He turned to photography while completing his engineering degree. It was only when his camera was taken away that he started Graphic Designing. After teaching himself graphic designing by watching various videos, he began as a freelancer for a Nagpur based Company. Later, while working at Persistent, he bought a camera for himself and resumed photography. It has now been a year since Nobel is working with Thinkin’Birds as a Photographer.

He also started his own venture called ‘Something N Rest’, in which he carries out various kinds of photo shoots. Skilled as he is at telling stories with each of his pictures, he specializes in weddings, kids, and food photography.




  1. In December 2017 Nobel covered my son’s Thread Ceremony in Nagpur. He did a great job. Two things I would like to appreciate – clarity of pictures and very neatly he covered the entire ceremony. Thank you Nobel.


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