The Interview with Pooja Banerjee


Having an inclination towards sports, how did you discover your passion for Art?
I have always been passionate for acting. I remember joining theatre for the first time while in 4th grade, also learned fashion choreography and even tried my hands at Event Management. It has purely been my parents’ support which made me who I am today as an Artist. Since childhood they used to send me for various classes, right from learning salad dressings to saree draping, they wanted me to learn everything (laughs).

Having tried my hands at so many things, has made me realize where my true inclination lies, apart from being a swimmer.

What were the challenges you faced while in Nagpur and how did you deal with them?
While I was growing up, while my parents supported me wholeheartedly in whatever I wished to pursue in life, whereas people around me wanted me to pursue “an actual profession”. Art for me is freedom of choice which many people didn’t approve of. I had to rise above their thought process and make my mark. Hence I had to shift to the city of dreams & chase mine. But I am glad to see Nagpur evolve with time.

How has been your journey in the entertainment industry?
In the last few years, I’ve explored many characters in this entertainment industry. From a tomboy, to a warrior, to a daughter in law. It wasn’t easy but I feel blessed to have played such roles. All I can say is individualism and versatility is what matters, you have to be yourself which makes you stand out from the crowd. Fortunately I had the opportunity to work with extremely talented artists and learn from their experience.

What do your dreams propose next?
Honestly, my husband and I both are foodies & fitness freaks and that is what we wish to spread awareness about. While we do binge on food but balance out with equal amount of workout too. Both of us being athletes, we naturally have this inborn desire to stay fit for a healthy living. We have been planning to open a health food restaurant or a Nutrition Centre. And of course anything more related to health and fitness is always welcome.

As Mumbai is known as the city of dreams, what scope do you see in Nagpur for artists?
As opposed to Mumbai, I’ve realized we in Nagpur lack the culture of art. We do not get the right platforms to showcase our talent, which forces us to move down to other cities. This is the reason I moved to Mumbai as I told you. I personally think that we need to bring that culture out in the city to encourage art and artists. But now things are changing in Nagpur. Artists now have a platform to showcase their talent and present their Art to the society and earn a name for themselves as a Professional Artist. I am glad that Thinkin’Nagpur has initiated the cause, it is a peachy platform for city artists, it definitely is giving them a boost and I hope they bring out the best in themselves in future.