Bhagyashree Rangwani – Makeup Artist

“Having great makeup is very important. Knowing where to put it is the key”

Bhagyashree Rangwani used to be an amateur makeup artist who catered to friends and family without any intention of making it her career. It would have stayed so had it not been for encouragement given her by the people she worked her magic on. She joined ‘Bharat and Dorris’ to polish her natural talent and make herself useful to people on a larger scale. Her years under Bharat and Dorris helped her realize her true potential and resulted in an immense gain of perspective. She believes makeup is another very unique way of expressing oneself and also making long-lasting and positive impressions. It is a way for people to feel as beautiful on the outside as they do inside.

Her work is mainly based in Nagpur and for a varied client base. She has worked with brides, schools, commercial brands, Amazon, photographers, designers and models, newspapers and fashion shows. All her years working as a makeup artist inspired her creation of her own line of makeup products. ‘Glimpse and Gloss’ is specifically designed to suit people of varied skin types, complexions and age groups.

Her website features personalised makeup tutorials for those who feel artistic and want to make themselves beautiful.

With passion and through sheer dedication, Bhagyashree has proven to the world and herself that no dream is out of ones reach. All it takes is dedication and an incessant, insatiable thirst for success.