Iron Lady

Hailing from a family heavily inclined towards sports and a healthy lifestyle, Sadhana Ratnaparkhi was no different. Maintaining her well being came naturally to her.

Happily married at 20, she had conceived her two children by the age of 25. That was when she realised that her weight had started increasing unusually.

The doctor diagnosed her with thyroid and prescribed regular exercise to her. Conscious Sadhana immediately joined a gym and began her journey of losing her excessive weight inspite of having toddlers at home. Her dedication towards getting fit soon turned into her passion.


She had miraculously lost 30Kg in a very short span of time. In the quest to shed those extra kilos, she had mastered all kind of fitness exercises and eventually became an Instructor in the same gym. Her ideology behind becoming an instructor was to motivate and guide people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If it worked for her, it would work for others as well. But, the business vision and politics of the fitness Industry did not go down well with her. And eventually she quit her job.

The students who were fond of her, persuaded her to start her own gym.

The passion drove her to take a significant step in her life; convincing her family to let her run her own gym at home. It’s difficult for anybody to give away half of the house to fulfill someone’s dream. Now she runs a small gym in her living room.

She has been a guiding light to nearly all age groups, curing them from their prevailing ailments and nurturing them like a mother, educating them about the difference between Diet & Nutrition. Sadhana loves experimenting but does not rely on the Internet for the same. For her, internet is hoax. Having successfully transformed the weak and fat to strong and fit, earning has never been the motive for Sadhana. She puts in all her heart selflessly in taking care of her students giving each one personal attention.

From managing her family and household to conducting 8 sessions from morning 8AM to evening, she works relentlessly round the clock. By 7AM her breakfast and lunch for the whole family is ready. With no household help, she continues to manage everything with the same vigor at all times.