Vortechx 2018 Where Innovations Converge

VORTECHX, is the bi-annual techno-cultural fest organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur. Encouraged by the overwhelming response to Vortechx 16, we are delighted to present you VORTECHX 2018, the second edition of the fest. With the theme of the event, “Where Innovations Converge”, VORTECHX provides curious and competitive minds the perfect platform to showcase their skills and learn from experiences.

With students participating in large numbers from Central India, VORTECHX is getting even bigger this time! A perfect blend of Technical Workshops and a variety of exciting events, VORTECHX focuses on planting the innovation bug in the minds of students.



VORTECHX encompasses workshops that cover concepts from almost all the domains of engineering.


The Automobile Workshop focuses on the basic working and concepts used in Automobile Engineering. From the intricacies of the differential to the processing of the electronic system of a modern vehicle, it emphasizes on the practical knowledge required to carve a successful career in this field. The workshop provides the students the opportunity to have hands-on sessions on cars that were created from the scratch by the students of RCOEM for various SAE competitions.


To be conducted under the expert guidance of professors of National Power Training Institute (NPTI), Nagpur, this workshop concentrates on the anything and everything happening in a Power Plant. This is an excellent opportunity for students who aspire to grow in the field of Thermal Engineering as it provides them with the basic knowledge that is required for such an endeavor.


In collaboration with Makxenia, Nagpur, this one-of-a-kind workshop is the need of the hour as the world gradually moves towards Automation. It covers all the concepts in the working of an Articulated Robotic Arm, right from the kinematics of the arm to its circuitry. Students in groups of 5 will be provided with take away kits which will be paramount in their future projects and lab sessions.



VORTECHX 2018 consists of 9 events that cover a plethora of skills. It’s a platform for students who have a knack for any form of art.



“The stage is the mirror of human life”. It’s a perfect chance to reflect your expressions in the form of comedy, poetry, stories and music. All you have to do is grab the microphone, and the stage is all yours.

Website: www.vortechx.ml
Email: vortechxmechanical2018@gmail.com
Mr. Akash Singh
Student Convener
Mr. Vedant Vyas
Event Manager
Mr. Harjot Singh Saluja
Workshops Manager