Sawani Wakharkar – Singer


Architect Sawani Wakharkar is a girl of many talents. Born in Nagpur to a musical pundit in her mother and a music enthusiast in her father, she has always possessed a love for Art in all forms. Sawani gratefully acknowledges the loving encouragement of her parents and believes her accomplishments are as much their as they are her own.

She started singing at a meagre and has become, through practice and perseverance, unstoppable in  the years since, performing in over 90 stage shows in major Indian cities, on television, and at one point sharing the stage with the great Hema Malini. She grew up on stage while never forgetting the importance of education. She graduated with flying colours and has been a freelance architect since.

In the years following her graduation the need to do something new started to make itself felt. Sawani decided to try her hand at painting. But using ordinary materials was out of the question. Originality was something that she needed in her work and she got it by making portraits using coffee beans and charcoal.

Sawani believes capturing moments of paper is a kind of a superpower and finds happiness in the smiles her work induces. She is an artist through and through.