Decorative Bottle – ARTISAN’S ARBOR (DIY)


Glass bottle, paper threads (any colour of your choice), and an adhesive.

Step 1:

Take a glass bottle and clean it well.


Step 2:

Get paper threads as shown in the picture (you may get it at any stationary shop), and choose a suitable colour combination.


Step 3:

Apply adhesive (bit by bit) to the entire bottle in a circular fashion and simultaneously keep sticking the thread.


Step 4:

Neatly stick the thread, making sure that no gaps are left.


Step 5:

Reach to the top of the bottle and stick the thread at the end by applying some extra glue. Make sure that the end is not visible.


Step 6:

You can combine and form various colour patterns like this.


TIP: The paper threads give a raw look to the bottle. If you are looking for something elegant, you may try out laces as shown in the picture.